Getting more for your property

with No Upfront Fees (Auctions Included)

No sale, no charge

Professional Australian Agents

Getting More for your property.

FLATCOMM is a new real estate company getting more for your property
Standout results don't have to be expensive.

1) A Professional Marketing Campaign
2) A premiere listing on
3) A large colour photosign out the front of your property
4) Includes marketing to overseas buyers in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand
5) Personal and professional service
6) Professional photography
7) Auction or normal sale
8) Open Homes
9) Once your property has been sold, there is only one low flat fee commission.

In a hot Australian housing market you should seriously consider an auction campaign. There is no upper price limit when selling by auction.
And remember, we are real estate agents where there are no upfront fees.

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How can it be done so cheaply and yet be so professional?

Prospective sellers are aware the total cost to the seller will be only one low flat commission payable once the property has been sold. Further these efficiencies in both time and cost mean the vendor’s property can now be marketed professionally including professional photography, to present the property in the best possible light. The real estate agent's main focus is in getting more for the property.

Why is the real estate commission a flat fee?

In a nutshell, it is so vendors know exactly how much they will pay to sell their property. It really is that simple. With FlatComm, the prospective sellers will be charged no upfront fees and the low flat fee commission will only be payable once the property has been sold.

Professional Real Estate Marketing

A real estate agent's primary goal is to achieve the best possible price for your property.
In order to do this, a property should be marketed professionally. Professional photography is mandatory and must be used.
The property has to be presented in the best possible light, remembering that the goal is to make your home stand out from the competition. The photos should generate more interest, so you create more enquiry. More enquiry, normally means more buyers, that should translate to a higher price.

About FlatComm

FlatComm is a real estate agency. We list and sell real estate.
Is this the cheapest way to sell a property?   No, there will always be someone cheaper. There are plenty of sites for those that wish to sell themselves. We aren't about cheap, we're about "Getting More".

At Flatcomm we believe the best way to sell a property is only through a full service real estate agent. marketing and negotiating the best sale price for your property. The question then becomes about the fees attached to that service. Flatcomm is the answer to that compromise.
Excellent service shouldn't cost extra!

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